How to settle my informal enterprise?


Here is a simple path to launch your informal business step by step. It has served as a pilot project to Malika in Senegal before apprentice students of the ALPHADEV NGO to launch their activity with my accompaniment. This is to share so that other informal actors, having a need for a structured procedure, to live the same experience either alone or in a group, with or without coaching.

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Product Description

As a complement of the «Succeding through the informal way » guide, I hoped to propose a simple path to follow to launch one’s informal business under the model of the guide “Business in the box”. The 13 steps identified here permit to think about a model and then a structure and finally to put it in place on the spot. I consider that the border is slim or even almost inexistent between ethnic and informal entrepreneurship; it’s for that reason why this precise can serve also to people in diasporas wanting to put in place a simple structure in complement with their main job in the framework of para-entrepreneurship that lives as a communal way in Africa, and I suppose, in other Southern countries.


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