Ethnic Project Strategy


The goal of my project is to give an alternative method to entrepreneurs who have urgent financial needs. Despite the challenges, the informal route is privileged, and is here to serve as a basis to a transition towards the market economy. To be competitive and performing in the sphere of the globalization of exchanges implies defining new models to aid in the insertion of marginalized sectors. As far as the community economy is concerned, the creation of bridges between the ethnic entrepreneurs (diasporas) and the informal ones (motherlands) permits us to vision pertinent strategic levers. A Body of knowledge in ethnic and informal entrepreneurship therefore takes its meaning in the effort to assure a better economic boom and to reduce the human imprint of poverty.

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Product Description


Ethnic and informal entrepreneurship was long-time accused for its lack of initiative and realism to assure satisfaction
standards asked by the non-community clientele. This has restrained access to a larger market to these products and services (outputs) from economic players of this sector. With the inputting of contribution and the adaptation  of management tools like strategy, it becomes possible to transform these gaps with the opportunity to play at a level playing field or equitable with local entrepreneurs. This is in order to manage such businesses like a project and a project like a business (especially community and development projects). This guide, written in a particular style, presents a proximity approach to take profit of the time to produce quality as a sales pitch. It bases on learning techniques (of the environment and of the profession)
and later, on the habilitation by the acquired competencies and, finally, on the affirmation of the action and sensitization of the community. To finish, this guide supports the process developed in my project structure model (complete), shown as part of my courses and of the coaching offered elsewhere:
Definition – Vocation – Idea – Vision – Mission – Objective – Strategy – Tactics – Action Plan – Projects – Utility.


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