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The economy is the challenge in this era where people are fighting to prevent the disappearance or cultural alienation. This first analysis devoted to ethnic entrepreneurship lays the foundation for a reflection, observation and a better consideration of this factor of social integration (communities and individuals). Talking about foundations means take an overall look on the realities that characterizes it and share it. Without being exhaustive we have focused on 7 major aspects in our view. This is an opinion that either opens the debate or urging change and even more reclaiming your soul (capital and capacity) of Ethnic entrepreneur.

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The idea of writing an overview of the challenges within the Montreal ethnic entrepreneur community was given by my former director to assess the need for new services and initiatives. Instead of making an inventory of specific needs from my day to day work experience with the Black entrepreneurs I created a general picture of the main realities within the ethnic community in the Cities of Western countries where we live as Diaspora. This analysis target essentially the ethnic entrepreneurs that recently immigrated, emphasis on the Black community, who have the challenge to integrate themselves as individuals or communities. Most of you are familiar with them, but at least we can now have a document that we can share so that everyone will be on the same page to start an action against these challenges and initiate CHANGE


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