INTRO00ENG – A. List of Courses

Here is the list of available Courses:

Ethnic Entrepreneurship (ENTPR##ENG)

  • Course 0: Learn how to make money with an Ethnic Entreprise.
  • Course 1: Create an ethnic business in 40 hours.
  • Course 2: Preparing the launch of your ethnic project after the creation of your company.
  • Course 3: Managing the first 6 months after the launch of your ethnic business.
  • Course 4: Succeed in your economic integration through the informal way.
  • Course 5: Promote a Community Oriented Business Project.
  • Course 6: Optimize performance of your Ethnic Entreprise (Investing).
  • Course 7: The simple management of a CMS or LMS e-Commerce site (Financing).
  • Course 8: Undertake Business development with a Simple Ethnic Attitude (Selling).
  • Course 9: Conduct a fundraising campaign with few resources (Funding).


Project Management (PROJEM##ENG)

  • Course 0: Principles of Project Marketing (Strategic planning)
  • Course 1 : Principles of Project Strategy (Counseling)
  • Course 2: Principles of Management for Projects (Business Analysis)


Business Engineering (BUSING##ENG)

  • Course 1: Principles of Informal Business Engineering


Management (MANAG##ENG)

  • Course 1: Principles of Ethnic Popular Management (Ka Method)


Economy (ECONO##ENG)

  • Course 1: Principles of Ethnic Popular Economy (Eco Animism)


Here is the list of the live Workshops available:

Capacity Building (EXTRA##ENG)

  • Workshop A: Business Project Idea
  • Workshop B: Business Project Start-Up
  • Workshop C: Strengthening Growth
  • Workshop D: Business Project Acceleration
  • Workshop E: Introduction to accompaniment with the GrowthWheel tool
  • Workshop F: Community Economy (Ethnic, Informal, Social and Numeric Entrepreneurship)

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