With the end of globalization, the ethnic and identity closure is most often a break with the legacy of the past and a desire for a return to a lost, falsified or degraded purity. Although grievances are not ignored, it would be wise to move forward and build a new world where each individual finds a fair place.

Human relations

Re-emerging economic barriers between states after breaking the barriers of political ideology and breaking down racial and gender differences shows us the importance of staying alert to our human challenges and mastering the cycles that guide our history.

If the current objective is indeed to reduce poverty globally, this effort can only be collective from the community’s point of view and involve several lives or generations all united to give the fatal blow to a reality that keeps its persistence from the very nature of the current economic system. This calls for acceptance of the emergence of alternative models echoing a new and more sustainable life attitude.

“It’s a Men’s fight”

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