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The Intention Lean is a philosophy of continuous and calm efforts for the implementation of an alternative economic model emphasizing social, ethnic and informal and numeric entrepreneurship projects. This model takes into account as many actors as various facets of the profession and firms. These factors are essential for reclaiming the Future of communities by the collective economic power and identity pride. The result here is a multi-dimensional, but necessary, guide presenting an african contribution to the step forward of the supporters towards a new economic boom. You are invited to discover this corpus of knowledge and tools for community economy…

“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

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A heritage of projects serving the community

The Wisemen Council

The Wisemen Council is a Consulting Firm and a Think Tank focusing in strategy  within project management and business engineering. Since 2009, it specializes in the implementation of simple management practices, effective and tailored for a better project performance and competitiveness of projects promoter operating in a critical financial environment

Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethniques is a blog mainly in French that talks about the new challenges within entrepreneurship of the people coming from the economic migrations. The purpose of the blog is to empower and equip these ethnic entrepreneurs to do business more effectively and also to sensitize communities, as first recipients, to support them in their efforts.

Share Wiser is a sharing platform directed at peers economic and community actors that have potential influence on Diasporas and local population of the mother land to build the levers of economic and identity reclaiming by the means of strategic intelligence

Arnaud Segla

Entrepreneur engaged in ethnic entrepreneurship, since 2006 in Montreal, from France and Africa. Exclusively oriented towards Success with a practical approach adapted to the local and immigrant culture. His experience and his life path allow him to understand the real concerns of his companions from Africa, France, the West Indies and the Caribbean.

Le Cri de la Calebasse

Le Cri de la Calebasse is a blog mainly in French that aims to revitalize the pride of ethnic diversity. It is aimed at a broad audience of community leaders who have the capacity to act within the diasporas and people of mother lands to foster the awakening of identities and open-mindedness on the issues of cultural renaissance of Africa and the Black World .

The Wise Fundings

"The wise fundings" project is a platform for young entrepreneurs from the local, ethnic and informal workforce that constitute the next generation. They have been introduced to the business world by us and would like to start now.

Oh thanks Arnaud! You're the sixth star and working on your texts is always a pleasure and inspiration! Teach those entrepreneurs well! Your teaching makes perfect sense! When I read your texts, I remind myself to suggest to you that you rebrand yourself as Arnaud Luther King of the Black Entrepreneurs!:):):):):)
J’ai lu avec beaucoup d’attention et d’intérêt vos réflexions sur la méthode Ka et l’intention de Lean. Je les trouve intéressant aussi car se fondant sur la foi pour trouver des solutions aux problèmes de survie des couches populaires dans le monde et plus particulièrement en Afrique. C’est vrai c’est une nouvelle démarche qui prend en compte beaucoup d’aspects. Elle s’apparente à la CHARIHA aussi. Les fondements des concepts sont bien déclinés et bien argumentés.
Je viens de terminer la lecture d'un livre écrit par Arnaud. Non seulement Le Point ( c'est le titre ) ce lit comme un roman mais chaque chapitre contient en son sein de quoi nous amener à réfléchir. Et globalement il nous poussent dans nos retranchées et pour moi il nous oblige à nous poser la question suivante en tant que coopérant : Nous coopérons à quoi ?
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Keeping the spirit of Kama: Time and Providence

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